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With the availability of 115 different cryptocurrencies and support for different metals and assets, Uphóld is providing people with abundant opportunities to invest in cryptos and then save them to the Uphóld wallet. Thus, all the pre-existing Uphóld login users and new users can find this guidebook to their rescue if they are having a tough time learning how to deal with cryptos on this exchange.

Whether it is buying some popular coins or investing in some lesser-known cryptos, the exchange has got trading options for a lot of crypto tokens. Thus, if you also wish to explore the diverse trading options available here, go through each section carefully.

How do I get my Uphóld account?

To get your own Uphóld account, you can follow the steps given below and complete the Uphóld wallet sign up process instantly:

  1. Open the wallet sign up page- https://wallet.Uphóld.com/signup
  2. Continue with your GlobaliD or choose to fill the details manually
  3. Select a suitable Uphóld login password and choose your citizenship
  4. Thereafter, submit the form and complete the rest of the steps

If you are representing a business entity, you can choose the “Business” tab on the sign-up form to invest through your Business account on the Uphóld exchange.

How do I Uphóld login to my account?

For the purpose of logging in, here are the easy steps that you can follow and you’ll definitely have access to your account:

Note: if you have signed up using your GlobaliD, then you need to log in through the same ID to access your wallet or account.

  1. Well, you can begin by navigating to https://wallet.Uphóld.com/login
  2. On the Uphóld login page, enter the registered email address in the first blank
  3. Then, you can enter the password for your Uphóld login account
  4. Click “Next” and you’ll be asked to enter the 2FA code to access your account

And, that’s where you’ll land into your Uphóld account.

Is there an Uphóld app for desktop users?

Now, there are a lot of users who are struggling to find out an answer if there is Uphóld for the desktop app available. Well, if you want to use Uphóld through the desktop application, then there is no such direct way to do the same. However, if you still wish to get the app on your desktop, you can navigate to the App center for Uphóld for desktop and the URL for the same is- https://Uphóld.com/en/apps. Here, you can choose one of the third-party app providers and go ahead with clicking the “Get Started” button available there. And, that’s how easy it is to get Uphóld wallet Windows.


Through this guidebook, we have learned different ways to set up and access Uphóld wallet on your device. In case you wish to use your Uphóld account on your desktop through the Uphóld app, then you can definitely go through the last section of this post and learn how to get the desktop app installed. Once you install the app successfully, you can easily set up your Uphóld crypto wallet.